Onward To Omaha

As the College World Series approaches and I found myself wondering, is it the most underrated thing out there? When you think college playoffs, you think of March Madness and the College Football Playoff. But I will tell you this, this early summer classic, is something else.

The last two seasons, we have seen absolute classics from Vanderbilt and UVA. They split the two series and it has me begging for a third act. While we probably won’t see another series like these two, we have hope for some great games.

The regional last year proved that college baseball is worth watching. These kids play their hearts out from beginning to end. And the moments that you get at the end of them are priceless. Look at Dansby Swanson, he and Vandy win their big game, then boom he’s picked 1st overall. Something you don’t get in any other sport.

The atmosphere is electric. Omaha is the place to be, or at least for this series it is. That stadium has been the home for some the best moments in college baseball.

What I really love is how much these fellas love the game of baseball. Some of the guys are going to graduate, and looking for a job or looking to go pro. Others know that this could be their last hurrah. They are out there for the love of Americas pastime, and that is super commendable.

So if you find yourself with nothing to watch, I implore you to watch these games. They are awesome, you won’t be able to take you eyes off the screen.


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