NFL Off-Season Refuses to Slow Down

This past week was filled with roster moves, albeit non-blockbusters, but nonetheless very interesting.

If we’re being honest here, I didn’t think any of these moves were big enough to write a full report on, but they are definitely worth reporting. So, let’s touch on each of them below.

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#1 The Panthers cut Potential #1 CB Brandon Boykin out of nowhere

When I got the news, this was a head scratcher to me. The Panthers lost their star cornerback Josh Norman a few weeks back, and it became clear they had a gaping hole at the position. This week, they cut the guy everyone thought would be the new #1 for the Panthers, Brandon Boykin. Boykin used to be considered a top slot corner in the league, but this is his third team in as many years and he didn’t even make it to a practice with Carolina. What the hell is going on that we don’t understand yet? There’s clearly a problem if three teams (Eagles, Steelers, and Panthers) who all have a weak secondary think it’s not worth keeping him on the roster. Some team will pick him up, I’m sure of that, but my guess is he becomes a depth player instead of a key contributor.

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#2 Titans cut Zach Mettenberger, Chargers grab him off Waivers

This is not nearly as much of a head scratcher as the last move mentioned. Mettenberger was certainly not going to be the guy for the Titans, as they’re shaping Mariota to be a franchise quarterback. Also, the Titans have a new coaching staff, and it’s not the crew that wanted to draft Mettenberger in the first place. So who picks the guy up off waivers? None other than the Chargers, who recently hired Ken Whisenhunt (the guy who drafted Mettenberger back in Tennessee). This isn’t a gigantic move, but it’s a solid move. This provides San Diego with a much-needed solid backup Quarterback at a low cost.

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#3 Rams Sign D-Lineman Dominique Easley

Ex-Patriots lineman Dominique Easley will join one of the most talented front lines in the NFL, which should serve him well in the long run. Easley was a decent rotational guy, but the Patriots clearly saw a character flaw behind the scenes that left a bad taste in their mouth. So why not join the King of Character flaws: Rams’ Head Coach Jeff Fisher? Whether or not that will be an issue for Easley in L.A., it will be exciting to see him join a group with Aaron Donald, Robert Quinn, Michael Brockers, and Quinton Coples (that’s 5 1st round players just on the defensive line for you non-math majors).

Are any of these moves instant game changers for the teams involved? I suppose it’s too early to tell. One thing is for sure, and that is the fact that these moves will certainly impact these teams next season. In what many people consider to be the slowest part of the off-season, NFL fans got a nice week of solid roster moves.


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