Early Heisman Front Runners

When you think of the middle of May and college sports, you think Heisman Trophy right? Well not everyone does, but I got to thinking the other day, and there are four names that come to mind. I know, I know there is plenty of other stuff going on. But with spring games and recruiting at its highest, why not talk a little Heisman.

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The obvious front runner is Leonard Fournette out of LSU. I’ll say it, I thought he had this award won by Week 8 last year. But he fell off the face of the earth, kind of like LSU did. Fournette, who is a blue chip running back will surely be the favorite to win this award next season. Rushing for over 1,900 yard last year, I truly believe he eclipses the 2,000 mark this year. He is the number 1 guy on this list.

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My favorite is Christian McCaffrey out of Stanford. This kid is the American Pharaoh of the group, just a pure stud. He in my opinion is a lot like Danny Woodhead, but a lot better. He crashed the party late last year, but will, in my opinion, be Fournettes biggest adversary. Easily the best RB in the Pac-12, we could see this guy as the one to defeat Fournette for the big award.

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DeShaun Watson had a storybook season last year but just couldn’t get it done. A Heisman, an ACC title and National Title are all within reach next season. But Watson has to improve a lot, especially his attitude. I like this guy and think he will probably go number 1 overall in next years draft. But he has to do something to stand out against the top 2 here.

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The last name is Dalvin Cook. Without Cook, Florida State is probably on the outside looking in on the ACC. This kid is a game changer and will be a top rusher next year. Like Watson, he needs to prove himself in the big games, especially non-conference. He’s the one I can see having the free-fall late in the campaign.

I like McCaffrey a lot, but Fournette is a purebred rusher. It’s going to be interesting, and think about this too. There are still names I didn’t even say. Oh yeah and it’s only May. Plenty of time for some resume builders to give some young bucks a shot at that crown. I am chomping at the bit for some college football, good lord I can’t wait.


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