Job Openings: Jets Starting QB

Hey kids, want to go on a wild ride?

Put on your pads, drive to New Jersey, and you could play Quarterback for the New York Jets!

Interesting isn’t it?

No, I didn’t think so either.

New England’s favorite divisional rivals, the New York Jets, are looking for a new Quarterback, and word on the street is they’re accepting applications! You just have to hand it to them in person instead of online.

As we know, the Jets didn’t do too shabby for themselves last year with QB Ryan Fitzpatrick under center, but he is a free agent and it’s looking like the Jets aren’t very interested in him.

Maybe it’s because Fitz is an old man, maybe it’s because he’s a glorified backup, or maybe it’s because he wants 13 million per year; either way, they aren’t returning his calls. It’s a shame really, because his teammates love him.

So who will fill his place?

Originally the planned starting QB last year, Geno Smith is ready to take the role he’s been given so many opportunities with. In pre-season, Geno’s jaw was broken by his then-teammate IK Enemkpali over something around $600. Did he ever get his money back? This is one of the NFL’s great mysteries…

Geno was never a thrilling candidate for the job, as many thought he was drafted a tad early and never lived up to the “hype” he did have. Still, perfection takes time, right?

Therefore, look no further for perfection than last year’s 3rd stringer Bryce Petty, who didn’t see the field in 2015. It was his rookie year, so that doesn’t mean he’s destined to be a joke forever, but it’s not looking great.

It finally hit the Jets that they have to look elsewhere if they want to compete with the tough division they play in.

Embed from Getty Images

During the 2016 NFL Draft, the Jets selected Penn State’s Christian Hackenberg in the 2nd round, a move that many considered to be a reach. Personally I don’t like the guy. I mean, I’m sure he’s nice enough, he hasn’t done anything to me. But he sucked in college, and that doesn’t give me confidence that he will translate well into the NFL. With that being said, many people had him going in the 5th round, so there’s a little bit of head-scratching to be done with picking the kid so high up.

Here is where things get juicy, because Fitzpatrick has been spending a lot of time with his former teammates as of late. Many players on the team have actually gone as far as publicly saying that they want Fitz back as the starting QB.

Although he is the best candidate for the job, it makes sense why the Jets wouldn’t want Fitz back. He’s a career journeyman, who had his by far best season, an outlier season really, last year with the Jets. He’s old, and he wants to get paid well. Therefore, he’s not really a long-term option, even though he wants to be treated like one. So what do you do? If you bring him back, odds are he will produce like he did last year, which was pretty solid overall. Let’s be real, the other QBs on the roster probably aren’t a solution for reaching the playoffs, and it seems like Fitz could have been that solution.

Jets fans, Fitz is like an ex-girlfriend. You have a shiny new Christian Hackenberg who’s interested in being your Quarterback, but you just can’t seem to let go of the Fitzmagic. Let him go, rip the Band-Aid off. I promise that eventually you’ll forget all about him, that’s a Carson promise.

Or just ride the Geno + Petty + Hackenberg hype train all the way to a top draft pick next year, in the NBA they call that tanking mode.

So if you’re looking for a new job, just apply to the Jets position of starting Quarterback, they sure do need one. You can even use me as a reference.


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