AC Milan: Will they ever go back to being on top of the football world?

Back in the early 2000’s, the Seria A was the league to play in. This is the Italian Football League. One of the most influential football clubs is a part of this league, AC Milan. Milan was a power house back in the day, winning back to back league titles and countless numbers of Champions League titles. This team has produced some of the greatest players to play the game. One of the most famous being Paulo Maldini, arguably the best Italian defender ever. This team was stacked with midfielders like Ambrosini, Pirlo, Gatusso, Gullit, Seedorf, Beckham, Ronaldiho, and Kaka. Those are just some of the greats that have played for this team. There are so many more amazing players that have played here. Seeing them play was better than watching Barcelona or Real Madrid now. But with all dynasties, they must come to an end. Now, AC Milan is a washed up, financially poor team with mediocre players. But, some promising young talent. So how do they get back to the glory days?

Just look at this set piece, Pirlo, Ronaldinho and Beckham….doesn’t get better than that.

First of all, the owner needs to invest more into the team which hopefully he will. This team met its demise when they sold Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Thiago Silva to PSG and got nothing in return. Why they did that, I will never understand, but that and a couple bad signings have got them to where they are now…complete s**t! Invest more and bring in some powerhouse players in this off season. Maybe buy Diego Costa from Chelsea, I would love that as a Chelsea fan. Bottom line is in order for the world of football (Soccer for all you unorthodox thinkers. Seriously, what the hell? How can you not call it football. You literally play the game with your feet, I just don’t get it) to recognize them as a dominant club again, they need to sign big names. That’s why finishing out this season with good form is vital so they can qualify for a European League. By doing this, it will attract better players to this, already, legendary club.

Second, the team right now is garbage and needs a complete over haul. Looking at this squad, there are a handful of players that could stay. One player is the goalie, Gianluigi Donnarumma. The kid is 17 years old and starting for this team. He is predicted to be the next Buffon, which means he’s going to be pretty good to say the least. Keep all of the young defenders and Mexes, so that you have a veteran on the team. For the midfield, keep young players like Boateng. But Honda Kucka must go. I don’t know why they ever signed him in the first place. As for offense, keep Niang. Other than him, who really cares. Obviously this won’t happen, but the manager cannot let the young talent leave this team!

Milan currently sits in 6th place and are behind Inter Milan by 6 points. They have 8 games left in the season to make this deficit up and take 5th place or greater. This will be very tough for Milan to do. However, if they finish in 5th or higher, they will get the chance at qualifying for Euro League. This would be exactly what they need for them to go back to the good ole days!


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