NBA: National Bron Associaton

This past week, NBA news has been centered around one man. That man is LeBron James. I know, big surprise, right? LeBron is in the headlines again, and as we’ve seen in the past, it’s for all the wrong reasons. LeBron James first made the news when it was brought to the media’s attention that he unfollowed the Cleveland Cavaliers Twitter page, along with some Cleveland writers and other writers around the league. LeBron James’ personal reporter and longtime fanboy, Brian Windhorst, says this may be due to LeBron’s bitterness that people are putting Steph Curry ahead of him for the NBA’s best player. Really LeBron? You’re a grown ass man and you’re getting angry because people think someone is better than you at your job. How insecure can one guy get? Nobody in the history of sports needs more attention than LeBron James. When people start paying more attention to another player, he pouts and pouts until everyone is talking about him again. But you know what LeBron, keep doing you. Because here we are, talking about you again.

But wait! There’s more! When asked about playing with his buddies Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul, and Dwayne Wade, LeBron’s response was, “I would actually take a pay cut for that.” Now let’s not look at this from LeBron’s perspective. Let’s not look at it from our perspective. Let’s take a look at this from the eyes of his teammates and fans. The guy who was supposed to come back and save the city of Cleveland would rather be in a different situation. How do his teammates look toward him as a leader of the team after that? I don’t know any team that can function at it’s very best when there is bad blood among the players, especially when it revolves around your franchise player (see Dwight Howard).

This brings me to my next question. Is LeBron James the most obtuse person to ever walk this earth? Does he have any concept of how idiotic he sounds when he says these things? And how we don’t need to know what your dream team would be while you’re current team is getting ready for the playoffs, or an hour long special on ESPN (LeBron’s personal fanboy network) about where you’re going to play next season.

The guy is bad for the NBA and overall just bad for humanity. He can’t wrap his mind around the fact that he is not the most important person in the world. But here we are, eating up everything he says. I know he generates probably hundreds of millions of dollars for the league, but the league will be better when he’s gone. LeBron James has ruined the NBA for the casual basketball fan. It’s not about the teams, it’s about him. And there’s no competitiveness anymore. NBA stars used to want to play the best, not play with the best. Bird wanted to beat Magic. Everyone wanted to beat Jordan. They didn’t text each other and plan on playing together when their contracts expire. That’s just sad, and isn’t how professional sports should be played. There’s no denying Lebron James’ greatness as a player, but the NBA will be greater when he is gone.


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