RGIII Returns

This past Thursday, the Cleveland Browns signed Quarterback, Robert Griffin III to a two year, 15 million dollar deal. Griffin has had a speckled past, as we all remember. You do remember the RGIII timeline, right? No, you don’t? (Even if you’re thinking “Carson I watch ESPN! I know this tragedy! Please spare me the time!” Too bad buddy!) Well allow me to do a brief recap…

Remember his wonderful Heisman season with the Baylor Bears in 2011? Griffin’s success got him drafted 2nd overall in the 2012 NFL Draft, when the Washington Redskins traded away a their first round picks in 2012, 2013, and 2014 along with a 2nd round pick in 2012, just for the opportunity to draft Griffin at 2nd overall. In that first year, as you might recall, Griffin lit it up. His rookie season, Griffin threw for 3,200 yards on the nose with 20 touchdowns and 5 interceptions. Complimenting that, he ran for 7 touchdowns and 815 yards. He was voted Rookie of the Year and led his team to a divisional title and a first round loss due to an ACL tear during the game.

The next two years were a struggle for RGIII, as he struggled with injuries as well as figuring out a play style that adapted to the NFL correctly. In two seasons, he matched his rookie season mark for touchdowns while chucking up 18 interceptions. His rushing yards total in these two years combined didn’t match that of his rookie season, and he ran for only 1 touchdown. This past season, he was benched for quarterback Kirk Cousins, and didn’t play once. As a matter of fact, he was only activated for one game. Instead of playing quarterback, RGIII was a safety for the Redskins practice squad. The tables had turned for everyone’s favorite college star QB (since Tim Tebow, of course.)

So now we’re here. RGIII, the prodigal son, ends up signing where Quarterbacks go to kill their careers: Cleveland.

Cleveland is so bad, the water is worse than flint. (True stat, look it up)

Cleveland is so bad that not even LeBron likes Cleveland, and he’s from there!

What else do I need to say to convince you? Maybe this will work.

The Browns are in the middle of a 20-something year mess, and it says something when your last good quarterback in a decade is Brian Hoyer.

But, let’s talk about the Browns anyways. They have a brand new head coach in Hue Jackson, who is really impressing a lot of people with his attitude towards doing a rebuild with this team, and unless he’s blowing hot air, I think he might just do it.

The end game for Hue is to get a stud quarterback through the draft, a guy he can mold all on his own, and build a nice team around him.

Let’s look quickly at Cleveland’s quarterbacks prior to the RGIII signing. Austin Davis, Josh McCown, Connor Shaw. See anything elite there? Neither do I.

RGIII HAS played well before, he has. He could again, you never know. With the right coach and system, he could flourish. I don’t think Shanahan or Gruden (his two past coaches) were the right fit for him. And I’ll say this about RGIII, he’s never been a trouble maker (see Johnny Manziel), and he didn’t make an issue out of anything when he got benched for an entire season last year. I think he’s grown. For Cleveland, I’ll say it: this is a great signing. Why? It’s low risk but high reward. If RGIII sucks next year like he has in the past three years, then the Browns aren’t anywhere different than they would be with one of the goons mentioned above playing quarterback. But maybe, just maybe, he still has a flash of that old RGIII in him. If he does, we could see something fun next year, at the least.

Finally, let’s talk about the deal in money. It’s the exact same thing as above, low risk but high reward. 15 Million is a lot to shell out to anyone, but only 3.5 million of that is guaranteed money, and it’s all during this coming season. So let’s say he’s bad next year, then you spent a little on a guy who didn’t pan out when you’re already in rebuilding mode. Let’s say he does well next year, then the Browns have their guy for another year, and they make a step in the right direction.

A win for the Browns, a win for RGIII, and a win for me because I have something to talk about this week.

In other words: It’s a win-win-win.





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