Chelsea’s Season is officially a Failure!

So today I’m just going to tell you guys what it’s like to be a fan of the most disappointing team in all of England. So as of now this is what has happened to Chelsea. They have been knocked out of the Champions League by PSG for the second time in 2 years. Chelsea lost to Everton in the FA cup 2-0 and to make it even worse, they sit in 10th place right now. The lowest Chelsea has ever finished is 6th place going back to the 1999-2000 season. So as of now, this is the worst place they have ever been in and it’s all because of the players. If Chelsea wins their remaining nine games, they will finish with 67 points. To put that into perspective, Leicester, the number one team right now, has 63 points. So they would literally have to lose the rest of their games along with the other 8 teams between them and Chelsea in order for Chelsea to win the title. Not going to happen. So, here are the reasons why this was a failing season. Chelsea will not qualify for Champions League next year. There’s like a 1% chance of that happening. Two, we are going to have our worst finish since 2000. Finally, we couldn’t even make it to the FA Cup Final, which for those of you who don’t know soccer, a big club like Chelsea should easily make it to the final and win. So what do we have to look forward to next year? Winning the title? Qualifying for Champions league?? Hopefully, both of these, but I’ll take the latter.

At the end of this season, I want to do an article about what the team needs and team assessment going over what all the top teams in the BPL needs, but since Chelsea, in my eyes, is already done, I’m just going to get them out of the way.

Starting off at the back with the goalie, Thibaut Courtois, is a great starting goalie at the age of just 23.  He has already made a name for himself as one of the best goalies around. In that department, we are more than just okay, we have one of the best. Plus, we have Begovic and Amelia as back ups which in their prime, were starters at decent clubs like Stoke and the once great AC Milan.

Now onto the defense, John Terry is one of the most respected Chelsea defenders ever. He is also known as one of the best defenders of his time…but his time is past.  He’s old and still plays the old way of football. By this I mean he’s a grinder, kind of like Shawn Thornton  when he played for the Bruins. The game has become a lot more soft, fouls are called more and players do not have the physicality they once had. Chelsea used to be a team that shoved people around and set the tone by drawing some blood. Now with their recent signings, they are trying to make the game more “beautiful”.  By this I mean elegant give and goes, threading the needle type plays where a player’s strength isn’t needed. So having these two types of play styles on your team will cause problems. That’s why Terry needs to go.  I will always love him as a player just like my all time favorite Chelsea player Lampard. But when it’s your time, it’s your time.  Go join Lampard across the pond in New York. Well, for the rest of the defense, Cahill will take Terry’s spot and Zouma at the young age of 21 has been preforming well, so they will pair well together. At left back, César Azpilicueta has been a rock so he will be on the team for years to come. Next is the other old man Branislav Ivanovic who is our center back turned right back. He only has one year left in my eyes so we need to find him a replacement this off season. No everyone, I do not think Baba, our back up outside back will fill his shoes. We need someone better. So defense needs youngsters but also a veteran. Final thoughts, buy a veteran world class player for defense. Dream pick up: Sergio Ramos.

The midfield is a mess. I don’t know what to do. There we have a world class midfield with the likes of Hazard, Matic, Willian, and Fàbregas. So I don’t know why we are so bad. Probably just chemistry reasons. I think if you keep this the same, we will be fine. We won the title last year with this midfield so it does work. But that probably won’t happen and Hazard will probably leave. What do we do!? Simply buy Paul Pogba for a bucket load of money. I’m talking stupid amount because we have the funds to do it. That would bring a tough play style to hold down our midfield, which is exactly what we need. Have Pedro out wide left and Willian out wide right with Matic and Fàbregas supporting these guys. Problem solved! So dream pick up: Paul Pogba.

The Striker…. Chelsea never has a good striker. Yes, Costa played well last year but we have never had a striker that has stayed in good form for a long period of time. Torres was a bust all the way back to Shevchenko. One of the best strikers ever. For some reason, whenever Chelsea buys a world class striker, no matter how well they played somewhere else, they never play like that for Chelsea. I think we need to sell Costa. Athletico Madrid wants him back and will pay a good amount for him. Sell him with that money. Don’t buy a striker that’s already the best in the world. Buy one that’s young and can develop like Drogba did BECAUSE HE WAS THE BEST. I think a great young pick up would be Embolo. He plays in the Austrian League and has been looking quite promising. Let Pato and Remy start next season. They are both solid strikers. Develop this kid and one day he will be the next Drogba for Chelsea. Dream pick up: Embolo

So those are my thoughts on Chelsea. If we get any of those three players, I would be extremely happy. Last thing today, Champions League, are my revised predictions:

Juventus  2-1 Bayern Munich

FC Barcelona 2-0 Arsenal

I haven’t been wrong yet.  Let’s keep the streak alive! #GoSteveGo





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