First Reactions – Peyton Manning Retires

So long, Sheriff.

When the hell did he get that nickname? Did ESPN just call him that enough that it stuck? Does it matter anyways?

Today, March 7th 2016, the great Peyton Manning announced his retirement. I sit in my dorm room and watch the live stream of Peyton at the podium with considerably the least exciting “breaking” news of all time. I say this because we’ve known all season that this moment was going to occur; yet I sit and watch a “so-long” party of people lining up to kiss Manning’s butt cheeks, and ironically the line began with Jaime Naughright (or is that too soon?) Jokes aside, the NFL poster-child retired today, right when the scandals begin to build up around him he chooses to ride off into the sunset.

I promised myself I wouldn’t make this article about the Brady vs. Manning saga.

But it makes me sick that people are beginning to compare the two evenly due to his retirement. Seriously, there’s no comparison… Brady is the greatest. You want to argue that? Contact me directly, I’ll save that sh*t for another day.
But it is upsetting, and it’s annoying. For us New England fans, it almost feels wrong to be so angry after a decade of success and a very recent (and still sweet-tasting) Super Bowl.

But I know why this retirement party is so frustrating to myself and so many Patriots fans out there that are like me.

I’m a football fan, so I respect Peyton Manning. He has had a successful career, he is an all-time great, and he has changed the game for the better. Overall, he is a likeable guy. Not all of his commercials are annoying. Although he could care less about how I feel, I do respect him. That being said, I hate the guy.

Manning comes off as the hard-working American. The Budweiser drinkin’ cowboy that worked his way up to becoming a hero. I don’t understand why. Manning was bred to excellence, in a family of quarterbacks. He was the top draft pick in his draft, and had an excellent cast of players to help him become a top QB.

With that being said, he has reinvented the pace of football, become a well-known NFL product and helped make the NFL a worldwide phenomenon of a sport, while also gunning for the title of “America’s Past Time”.

Maybe I hate him because of his success, as I proudly loath the likes of Floyd Mayweather and Lebron James.

Yet that doesn’t make sense either, because the Patriots have typically had his number throughout his successful career.

So I’ll chalk it up to this. Peyton, buddy ol’ pal, you’re an all right guy. I don’t care about HGH, and it’s old news that you rubbed yourself on your trainer (seriously guys I’ve known that for years, keep up), and it’s outstanding that you came back from four neck surgeries and was able to become a starting quarterback again. So I respect you, I respect you as the enemy. You had Bill’s number plenty of times, and always matched up to Brady with weeklong anticipation.

But I hate your fans, and I hate the media around you. I hate how ESPN praised you as the golden boy, and I hate how Goodell treated you as his own child. Wipe away those tears big man, because no matter what I think of you, you’ll go down as one of the greatest. In New England, you’ll be disliked forever. Let’s embrace that, because it only shows how much you challenged this team and it’s fan base over the years.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter who people view as the “greatest”. Let’s appreciate we’ve been watching two of the best athletes of all time duke it out for a decade. We won’t see people as impressive as Brady and Manning for years to come, and regardless of how much I’ve hated you growing up, I have to respect you.

And f**k the Jets.


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