Hungry for a championship

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You can say the Royals really turned the page and never looked back with the 2014 season. With last night’s 5-3 comeback victory against the New York Mets, they are now one win away from capturing that elusive title they have been chasing since 1985.

When the 2015 season began, I was saying that the Royals previous season was a “one hit wonder.” With the loss of their ace, James Shields, who consistently plugged in 200 innings a season, I just didn’t think they had what it takes to make it back to the big stage after being so close to winning it all in 2014.

That is why baseball is a love-hate relationship, my friend. Predictions for this sport can either make you look like a genius or a complete fool.

The 2014 World Series loss made this young club hungrier than ever. With the mid-season acquisition of flamethrower Johnny Cueto to anchor the rotation, the league knew that they were ready to make another run in October.

You also have manger Ned Yost making decisions you would never see before. One example is putting a 20 year old rookie, Raul A. Mondesi, on the World Series roster. Mondesi had never played a game in the Major Leagues before, but in game 3, he became the first player ever to make their Major League debut in the World Series. It’s moves like that where you want to shake your head in disappointment at Yost, but you will probably see Mondesi making a big impact for this team sooner or later.

With what I said in another article, I think the Royals can easily win this series if they can get to the Mets bullpen early. With the Mets rotation being loaded with young arms like Matt Harvey and Jacob deGrom, it would have been a tougher task for the Royals in the first four games if they stayed dominant like they were all season.

But don’t count out the Mets just yet. With Matt Harvey starting on the bump tonight in a do or die situation, you can be sure that he will put on a show.

So we’re just going to have to wait and see. Harvey’s nickname, The Dark Knight, has become a fan favorite in the Big Apple. With this being an elimination game tonight for the Mets, this is the hero Gotham (New York) needs.


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