Party like it’s 1985!…or ’86.

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Here we go again. The World Series is set up with the Kansas City Royals playing the New York Mets and it just seems like it’s going to be a good one. For some good predictions on not just the World Series, but all the awards being given out at the end of the season as well, you should check out this blog. 

So I predicted the Chicago Cubs playing the Toronto Blue Jays in the World Series. I was obviously wrong. I didn’t think the Mets inexperienced rotation could take their team this far into the postseason and I thought the Jays line up was going to be too much for the Royals ball club to handle.

So here we are. You have two teams hungry for a championship. Neither team has hoisted the World Series trophy in over 20 years. (The Royals winning in 1985 and the Mets winning in 1986.) What do you think? The Mets have 4 young guns with Matt Harvey, Jacob deGrom, Noah Syndergaard, and Steve Matz facing an experienced Royals line up including Eric Hosmer, Lorenzo Cain, Salvador Perez, and Ben Zobrist.

As you read in my last article, the Royals lost in an unforgettable World Series last year in 7 games to the San Francisco Giants. They were the Cinderella story last year, but the clock struck midnight just too soon on them, and they don’t want that to happen again this time around.

Now you have the Mets being the underdog because let’s face it folks…no one really thought they were going to even make the playoffs this year. Me, along with many other baseball fans, thought the Washington Nationals were going to take that division. But the Mets pitching and timely hitting is what brought them here and they will ride the momentum from here on out, or will they?

Making a prediction for this World Series match up is definitely a tough one. But I’m going to go with my gut and say that pitching wins championships, and the Mets rotation  definitely has the upper hand in that category. If, however, the Royals can get to the starting pitcher early and it becomes the bullpen’s game, you never know.

I will sign off by saying that the New York Mets will be winning the 2015 World Series in 7 games. It’s going to be a great 7 games, but the Big Apple will be partying like it’s 1986.


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