Steroids in Baseball: Illegal or Entertaining

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Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, and Sammy Sosa. These players are known to be villains in baseball for their use with steroids. They have lied about taking them and then got caught. So not only are they known as villains because they cheated their way to fame, they are also known to be liars.

But what if I said that these players actually helped baseball when they were destroying baseballs and cranking them out of the stadiums. Let’s be honest here, baseball was much more popular in the late 90’s when juiced up muscle heads would step into the box and the fans were just waiting to see the ball take liftoff. But first let’s talk about the fans. The stadiums still get filled and will continue to get filled, but not with true fans. It’s sad to say that people go to a game to post a “selfie” with the field in the background to post it on social media. They don’t go to appreciate the game anymore. IT’S AMERICAS PASTIME, PEOPLE. Back in the 90’s and early 2000’s, people went to see all the big meaty hitters show off their skills.

Now I may get some nasty thoughts on this, but what if I said that it would be a good idea to allow steroids in Major League Baseball? Think about it, it would bring the electricity and excitement back onto the field. Now a days, you see more dominance in pitchers than in hitters. When I go to a baseball game, I appreciate every aspect of the game. Whether it’s a pitchers duel or a slugfest, I will be satisfied either way when I walk out of the stadium. But when someone who doesn’t know much about baseball strolls into the stadium and doesn’t know what is going on, they will find a ball hit into the crowd more entertaining than two pitchers being on their game and getting everyone out. Now I am NOT promoting kids to start taking steroids, but if players who make it to the show willingly decide that they want to take steroids even though it will may cause the risk of injury later on, great, let them do it. You have to remember that this is a business and if you aren’t successful, you may have to find another profession. So if this drug allows them to be successful in this league, let them use it.

Also, if you’re trying to tell me that players aren’t taking steroids any more because the league is now “becoming more strict,” stop lying to yourself. It amazes me how players still have ways to hide the drug in their system.

Do I think that Major League Baseball will ever allow players to use steroids whenever they want? Absolutely not. But do I think that if they did, would the teams be making a lot more money due to their stadium getting sold out every game because fans want to see a home run derby? Yes, not doubt it my mind.



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